Heritage Lighting

Heritage Lighting

Restore your buildings natural beauty and reduce your energy bills

Our Heritage Building Lighting Service

The lighting of Historic buildings has long been a topic for architects and designers. The developments of credible LED light sources to replace many fluorescent, Metal Halide and Low voltage light sources now gives real energy saving possibilities for Churches and Historic buildings.

Prolite offers an extensive range LED lamps to provide any listed building with superb LED lighting solutions so they can take full advantage of all the benefits an LED lighting refurb has to offer – energy saving, no UV emissions and reduced maintenance costs due to long product life.

There is a balance between how to get enough functional light without affecting the aesthetics of the building and the Prolite LED range included a full range of filament LED lamps that offer the look and feel of traditional incandescent lighting with all the benefits of LED.

Whether you have a Stately home, Castle or Manor House, Prolite Lamps will have a solution that will meet all your heritage lighting needs.

Grimsthorpe Case Study

Heritage Building Lighting Images

Our Church Lighting Service

Prolite have carried out several projects within Churches and have gained valuable experience in the needs and requirements of church lighting installations.

Prolite have developed specific products aimed at Churches that not only provide the necessary functional light, but are also able to do so without affecting the aesthetics of the Church itself.

Whilst working on previous projects we have developed dimmable LED floodlights that are fully tested on a bespoke dimming system to ensure that the lighting can be adjusted when required. Bespoke colour temperature and colour rendition for alters and fonts with inbuilt light focusing.

The units that Prolite have developed for Church lighting have not only increased the lighting systems performance from the previous lighting, but have also provided the Church with a long-term maintenance free solution.

Thurlby Church Case Study

Church Lighting Images

Our Range Of Typical LED Fittings In Heritage Buildings

Trial and Evaluation

We strongly suggest a trial and test of the proposed solution. As well as confirming the projected LUX levels it gives the customer best opportunity to see benefits of better lighting and ensure that the solution has no unforeseen physical or aesthetic issues on fitment.

Capital Cost Recovery

Wherever commercially advantageous we use ECA approved equipment. Advice and assistance can be provided to allow the navigation through subsequent HMRC paperwork.


Separate finance packages are available for larger projects and cost benefits can be made.

Free Lighting Survey

Prolite Lamps are offering free LED Lighting survey for all types of different applications nationwide.

A FREE NO OBLIGATION on site survey with a demonstration of our products during the survey, we will offer advice upon the following.

  • Potential quality of light increases
  • Energy saving audit calculations
  • Free of charge lighting design service
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